Step 5
Remove The Neck

August 2017

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Thank you,
Herrick Kimball


NW Doug said...

Thanks for the informative blog. I look forward to making your plucker.
I'd like to recommend poultry shears to your operation. While you can use shears for the whole butchering process, it especially comes in handy on the neck, neck skin and feet. Usually its "snip, snip, snip" with the last snip opening up the abdomen.
Its fast, and I have less nicks, cuts, knuckles missing skin, and non-chicken blood on my chickens!

Busterdbl said...

Thank goodness for your instructions. These days, "remove head and neck", has a completely different meaning in modern recipe books!

Unknown said...

Just wanted to say "THANKS!". I live in the city, I bought a chicken at the grocery store, it's neck was still attached(!),I googled, you were #1 and "BAM there it is!". Could not have been clearer or easier!

andrea chiu said...

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